How We Work


The Above PAR Advisors Difference

If you ask the same questions you get the same answers.  

So we don’t ask the same questions. 

We listen intently to you, then conduct deep analysis to find the fundamental opportunities.  We look across silos to find company wide solutions, innovate the change and implement for real results. 


Our well honed, project tested process surfaces the opportunities for improvement, growth and transformation. It allows us to see the challenges and create tailored solutions that leave you with more.  

The APA difference: we always leave your organization ready for what comes next. 

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We Listen

Understand and solve the right problem. 

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Conduct Deep Analysis

Data driven insights and opportunities. 

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Map the Solution

Develop solutions for your organization

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Build The Right Vehicle

Design the implementation

Implement and Deliver

Implement and turn the keys over to you

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Listen First to Understand Priorities

At Above Par Advisors, we believe that we must listen first so that we do not miss out on the key details that reveal what a client is going through. 

The first step in any engagement is to set up meetings to hear first-hand from each of the key stake holders.  We connect with the organization, listen and understand what is going on, clarify where the challenges are and where the opportunities lie.

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Conduct Deep Analysis

Analytics has become a buzz word today and conjuring thoughts of technology, artificial intelligence, and dashboards. 

For us, analytics begins with people.  We deploy human intelligence, experience, and insight when evaluating a client's challenges and hone in on the prime issue that is preventing you from moving forward. 

We also artificial intelligence and big data, but all of this is meaningless without context and without direction. So we start with human beings, human brains, and human intuition, get into the numbers and data, then identify solid solutions to transform results.

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Map the Solution

Once we agree on the key challenges and root causes that you need to address, we map out the solution. We give you the roadmap that defines exactly what to expect at each turn and how far you have to go.  Implementation can be long and tedious, so we make sure you know where we are going, what the milestones will be and when to expect results.

Before moving into implementation, we make sure that you are clear about what is required to move forward, how it will benefit you and what needs to happen to ensure the full benefit of transformation.

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Build the Right Vehicle

With the challenges identified, and plan to deliver in place we being the process by creating the infrastructure. We design the team and the organization that can not only deliver on the project but also carry on with the new solution after the implementation is complete.

Solutions that don’t have the vehicle, that are done in isolation in a remote corner of the organization, don’t get results.

We take into account all of the key factors to ensure the smoothest ride, the strongest implementation and the greatest outcomes possible.

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Implement and Deliver

Implementation is necessary to achieve results so we are driven to implement. A key part of this process is turning the solution over to you. Having the team in place (building the right vehicle) is a key first step.

But once we have completed the implementation we also make sure you have the tools to manage effectively and get results.

We take pride in our work are deeply committed to the success of your business.