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Break Through Rigidity

Strategy and operations focus on maintaining the status quo - optimizing it for efficiency and profitability and exposing the company to the risk of change. Most change programs focus on altering even reinforcing the status quo.

So the results are disappointing and the company remains vulnerable to disruption.

Breakthrough success comes from reimagining what is possible. We transform companies to be not simply ready for the future but rather to take advantage of the change opportunity.

It is time to thrive in change, thrive because of change, not be haunted by the risk of it.

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We Deliver Results

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Educational Institution

$3.5 Million Annual Savings

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Services Contractor

400% Revenue Increase

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100% Document Findability in Medicare Audit

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The Rigidity Trap

All organizations require rigidity - it is what allows them to create efficiency and scale economies.

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But all organizations, including yours, exist in a changing market. This is true to the extent that the word “disruption” has become cliché because everybody is talking about it. And because disruption is so common.

The problem is when the status quo rigidity - that thing that has made your organization successful meets the changing market, that is a recipe for failure.

We help you see things differently. We don’t just align the organization with the needs of the past. We help you rethink the business fundamentals and implement the change that breaks you out of the status quo trap. We help you reimagine what is possible so that you create an organization built for the future.

How We Work

We have a well defined process for identifying opportunities and implementing them in the organization.  

The APA difference: we always leave your organization ready for what comes next. 

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We Listen

Understand and solve the right problem. 

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Conduct Deep Analysis

Data driven insights and opportunities. 

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Map the Solution

Develop solutions for your organization

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Build The Right Vehicle

Design the implementation

Implement and Deliver

Implement and turn the keys over to you

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