Attention CEO’s:
The APA Model for Overcoming The Status Quo


Success is the problem 

Successful companies are successful because their model works. They got something right, which is great.

Getting something right means that we do it again and again and again: the adage is buy low, sell high, repeat and not buy low sell high reinvent. Reinvention is inefficient, survival requires efficiency. So we build the status quo.

However: organizations exist in a market. The environment and everything around them is changing. The world of 20 years ago has nothing to do with the world of today. And the world of five years from now will be just as different.

Organizations must adapt to keep up with change

Without adaptation - without continuous transformation organizations face disruption. Change becomes a threat. They risk falling behind. So they must reinvent, think differently and take action.

The larger you are the faster you must adapt, and the more you must excel in ambiguity.

But They Cannot Change Within Their Current Structure

You cannot create a new way of working from within the old way of working. The business model you exist within, the status quo, will influence your thinking. And it ends up being the very success that got you to where you are that keeps you tethered to the past and puts you at risk in the current market.

The first problem you have to solve is identifying the problem you have to solve.

So Organizations Must Rethink Their Assumptions

To think differently, to innovate, to transform, to implement strategies that prepare for the future you must start from the beginning. You must look at the problem with a clean slate of assumptions and tackle change from a fundamentals position. You need that outside view, someone who can give you the edge.

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