Case Study: The Value of Information Management in Healthcare

 A major New York university and teaching hospital faced a serious patient health information management issue.


They thought their records and overall health information management protocols were okay, but it turned out that they had underestimated the severity of their health information management challenge. 

They had historically relied primarily on paper records, then introduced an EHR with a series of inconsistently managed records governance policies. 

The inconsistency and disconnect between the EHR and paper records meant that comprehensive patient information was difficult to access – finding information required pulling files from multiple on-site locations or from box storage with multiple off-site vendors. 

In addition to the hassle of pulling records and correlating them with active patients, the vendors were often unable to find the needed patient file. 

The failure to find rate of any given request was as high as 63%; up to two thirds of all records requests went unfulfilled because storage companies couldn’t find them. 

In one case we requested a record and received the lost records of another hospital. The vendor reported the record as “found”, but delivered protected health information from another hospital. 

Above PAR Advisors implemented a new program for them that among other things delivered:

  • A $3.5 million cost savings. 

  • Reduced storage vendor fees by 45% 

  • Achieved 100% accuracy and findability of records. 

Read more about our solution and results - download our case study here:

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