Records and Information Management in Healthcare

Records and information management is a significant issue in healthcare organizations where access to information is paramount in making decisions and complying with regulations.

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Yet, we have seen client after client request documents and not get them, leading to disastrous results.

In one case we conducted some tests for a client which started by requesting a box of patient files. Not only did the box not have the correct patient records in it, in fact it contained critical pathology records from another healthcare organization, including highly protected patient files.

Our clients couldn’t get their files, the vendor had mislaid them.

Even worse since they had the records from another hospital, this meant that the other hospital had also lost access to these patient files, and everyone just violated HIPAA regulations.

Lost records happen so often that on average the probability that someone in a health organization receives the file they request is around 60%.

Such low accessibility impedes information sharing and can become a real issue for patient care as well as handling legal information requests.

Additionally, many institutions default to the use of fax as the means of transfer of patient health records, this mode unfortunately creates a static image file useless within any other system’s EHR.

Most institutions are not actively aware of the risk associated with health records management until they face a:

  • clinician in need of patient history in order to deliver care, but the history cannot be found,

  • patient transferring, who needs the files for treatment,

  • retrieval or receipt of patient records for the wrong patient or incomplete,

  • legal challenge,

  • Medicare audit,

  • JHACO or IPRO audit

  • insurance or municipal audit.

At this point the lack of findability for patient records becomes a substantial issue with potential exposure worth millions of dollars – and even lives.

At Above PAR Healthcare we help health organizations create information management systems that work. Our programs have saved organizations millions of dollars while increasing findability, access to information and patient care.

Learn more about managing health information, download our full write up here:

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