Securely Share Electronic Records and Allow for Interoperability. 

There is a mandate and increasing pressure for healthcare institutions, from hospitals to clinics to insurers to vendors, to share patient records electronically (Interoperability): 

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  • The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act and the Meaningful Use Programs have specifically focused on data exchange and the sharing of these records. 

  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will reduce Medicare payments to any institution that does not meet Interoperability standards or does not provide for Interoperability, and will levy fines on EHR vendors who block data sharing. 

  • HIPAA clearly defines the privacy and security rules. 

  • HL7 and FIHR clearly defines the data format standards for Interoperability. 

Despite all of the requirements and trends towards sharing, doctors still are largely not able to get the information they need between institutions in order to treat patients effectively. This ends up hurting patient outcomes, increasing costs and decreasing reimbursements. 

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, “95% of all physicians report experiencing difficulty delivering maximum patient care due to the inaccessibility of medical records”. 

Until now the missing piece has been a very robust data-in-transit secured communications pathway. 

Gabriel is that missing piece

Gabriel Connection Technology™ provides secured on-off communication pathways in the most demanding situations. 

The developers originally designed Gabriel for the US defense and intelligence agencies, who both deeply understand the vulnerabilities of the open internet and the need to rely on secure network technologies for information transfer. 

We offer this same high level of secure communication pathways, administrative controls, and auditing for managing file transfer in a healthcare environment. 

This system incorporates the highest level of cryptography technology, to protect data. By creating and using private secure domains we effectively creates unfindable networks. 

We provide the secured on-off ramp system that the ONC suggests, which goes further by protecting all users and devices in the domain. 

Gabriel provides secure communication pathways between and with all accessible data and equipment defined, throughout the organization. 

The Gabriel secure communication platform creates closed, private and secure networks that are invisible to the outside. It also provides end-to-end encrypted communication between any devices on intranets and, most critically, over the internet.

Each client’s secure domain enables instant private and secure connections for any device, anytime and anywhere. 

Your health organization can be fully compliant with regulations by communicating securely with between any and all clinical stakeholders. 

More importantly, Gabriel enables you to deliver better patient results, confidently and without the risk of data breaches. You have healthier patients, higher reimbursements and lower cost. 

Read more about Gabriel - download our full write up here:

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