Transforming Healthcare Organizations for better financial and patient results.

We help healthcare organizations focus on what they do best: deliver healthcare.


We work with some of the most reputable names in healthcare to make them more efficient, more connected and better able to deliver the high quality healthcare they are known for.

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The Trends In Healthcare are Clear

A changing landscape is altering the financial picture

Declining reimbursements, a reduction in overnight stays and more refined procedures is changing the healthcare landscape. 

A reduction in excessive treatment and a fundamental shift from volume- to value-based incentives are changing how healthcare is delivered.

At the same time fixed costs are increasing

There is a requirement for more fixed infrastructure and technology.  Also, healthcare systems are looking at patients more holistically – trying to provide care across a wide continuum of patient needs, which requires a broader spectrum of services and service offerings.

We help health organizations transform to embrace change, implement new ways of working and deliver better results.

Above Par Healthcare takes a fundamentals approach to evolving healthcare organizations. We offer a concentrated effort to define every aspect of how you delives.

We help you:

  • Manage M&A to get the most value out of the combined entity.

  • Reduce inefficiency and cost throughout the organization.

  • Optimize patient health information management enabling the sharing of electronic health records and sharing of patient information.

  • Implement standards and policies that help you deliver better results consistently.

  • Deliver technical solutions for interoperability and information sharing that redefine the healthcare delivery model.

Ultimately we help you deliver better financial results and better patient outcomes.

If your organization wants better results, we can help. 

Above PAR Is Dedicated to Making Healthcare Work

We understand the challenges that health organizations face in their drive to provide the best possible healthcare to their patients:

  • Increasing regulatory pressure.

  • Increasing importance of information and a need for information management.

  • Changing costs structures which require new approaches.

  • Managing consolidation and acquisitions.

  • Enabling interoperability, transparency and complete information for the patient.

We tackle hard problems, find fundamental solutions and implement change that makes a difference. Our fundamentals approach to problem solving gives us an edge in identifying and implementing solutions that make your organization deliver.

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Records Information Management


Above PAR Healthcare helps health organizations manage their records and information. We deliver: 

  • 100% find-ability of records. 

  • Reduced cost of records storage through consolidation and vendor management. 

  • Improved information retention governance. 

  • Vendor audits that ensure compliance with policies and contracts. 

  • Standards across vendors, contracts and internal departments. 

  • Outsourced information management.

  • Pathway to paperless records and instant access. 


Interoperability and Secure  Information Sharing


AboveParHealthcare helps health organizations share information securely between organizations and systems. We:

  • Implement Gabriel: a communications platform that provides secure information sharing across public networks. 

  • Ensure alignment with privacy standards (HIPPA, state privacy standards, GDPR standards). 

  • Move organizations from using non-secure, non-trackable technology to fully audit-able technology.

Post Acquisition/Mergers and Acqusitions Support 


AbovePARHealthcare helps organizations get the most of their acquisitions by restructuring the whole organization to reduce cost and improve patient care. We

  • Design the combined organization and define how it should operate.

  • Standardize procedures and processes. 

  • Define interoperability standards.

  • Modernize and implement technology. 

  • Rationalize contracts and standardize vendors

  • Introduce transformative technology.



AbovePARHealthcare helps institutions, universities and health organizations save millions of dollars and deliver higher quality results through our scheduling solutions. We implement:

  • Automated and intelligent scheduling systems.

  • Academic scheduling to balance educational, healthcare and organizational needs.

  • Health scheduling for optimal use of clinical resources.

  • Resident and clinical scheduling of resource delivery.



Cost Management

AbovePARHealthcare helps healthcare organizations manage cost. We go beyond renegotiating contracts and cutting a few dollars from the budget here and there… we deliver comprehensive solutions that ensure stronger cost and operating positions. We do this through:

  • Deep analytic assessment of existing spend to identify targets for optimization.

  • Optimize resource allocation.

  • Non-core vendor optimization - reduce, consolidate, renegotiate. 

  • Identify restructuring opportunities that create more efficient operations.