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The Trends In Healthcare are Clear

A changing landscape is altering the financial picture

Declining reimbursements, a reduction in overnight stays and more refined procedures is changing the healthcare landscape. 

A reduction in excessive treatment and a fundamental shift from volume- to value-based incentives are changing how healthcare is delivered.

At the same time fixed costs are increasing

There is a requirement for more fixed infrastructure and technology.  Also, healthcare systems are looking at patients more holistically – trying to provide care across a wide continuum of patient needs, which requires a broader spectrum of services and service offerings.

And all of this is driving consolidation

Ultimately, the objectives of consolidation are financial strength, reduced clinical variability, increased scale, and integrated networks that improve care delivery.  There is little disagreement that this consolidation is needed and as a result we have seen a number of mergers and acquisitions over the last few years.

These mergers are likely to continue for some time.

The problem is that health organizations are not getting the value they expect out of these mergers

  • Instead of the scale economies they expect healthcare organizations are burdened by:

  • Excessive duplicate contracts and vendors.

  • Supply contracts that are not standardized.

  • Standards of care that are not unified

  • Inoperability exposure.

  • Exposure to regulatory risk.

The opportunities exist, they just require a new approach

A typical client went through a series of acquisitions, always achieving top line benefits but never the desired efficiencies.

They ended up with dozens of call center locations costing tens of millions more than they actually needed. And the benefit of rethinking their organization and taking a fundamentals approach, was not just saving millions of dollars but also delivering a better standard of service.

Our post acquisition support breaks the cycle and delivers results.

Above Par Healthcare takes a fundamentals approach to making the combined organization work. We offer a concentrated effort to define every aspect of how the organization delivers. We:

  • Define clinical standards for the combined entity and implement these throughout.

  • Review and streamline supply contracts to ensure best price and best results.

  • Optimize patient health information management enabling the sharing of electronic health records and sharing of patient information.

Delivering better financial results and better patient outcomes.

If your organization has been through a merger and wants to achieve better results, we can help. 

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